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Motion Picture Academy has honored 10 documentaries Robert Richter helped create

Oscar nominee, best short doc:
School of Assassins - Prod/Dir/Writer
Gods of Metal - Prod/Dir/Writer
The Gifts - Exec Producer/Co-writer
City Out of Wilderness - Writer

Oscar "Short list" of best feature docs:
Ben Spock, Baby Doctor - Prod/Dir/Writer
Father Roy, Inside the SOA - Prod/Dir/Writer
White Light, Black Rain - Exec Producer

Oscar "Short list" of best short docs:
Crossing the Line - Prod/Dir/Writer
Guns and Greed - Prod/Dir/Writer
Woman Rebel - Exec Producer.

June 12 In Our Hands.

The largest peace demonstration in history. One million people, one voice: stop the nuclear arms race. Pete Seeger, James Taylor, Peter Paul & Mary, Holly Near, Rita Marley and many others. "...most INSPIRING, choke-you-up MOVING film about a real event and a lot of real, ordinary people that I've ever seen!"

Nov. 22: Who Shot President Kennedy?

Modern forensics re-examines evidence. Walter Cronkite narrates our definitive documentary. Journal of American History: "Admirable...thorough ...serves a public function of the first order... cogent and coherent."

Election History

HHH: What Manner Of Man

"...fascinating ...It is worth study by advertising and political science students ...5 out of 5 stars."
—Daniel C. Dennis in Invincible Summer about our biography film for Hubert Humphrey's campaign against Richard Nixon and George Wallace for President of the United States.
"A work of genius." -Joe McGinniss in his best seller, The 1968 Presidential Campaign

April 30, 1975     Saigon "falls"
April 30, 1975 Saigon "falls"

April 30

Vietnam: An American Journey

First film made by Americans in post war Vietnam. Screened in over 125 theaters, never telecast in the U.S. Includes a My Lai survivor at the site, unknown until our film.
"Terrific documentary in the best tradition of the genre and a just and unbiased piece of journalism now a historical document in its own right... 5 out of 5 stars."

CIA and Torture

Father Roy
Father Roy

The Senate Torture report should have noted that it began long before 9/11:
Father Roy: Inside the School of Assassins The struggle to find and reveal the truth about secret CIA torture training at a US military facility, our PBS aired documentary.

A Plague on Our Children

Aug. 2012: U.S. joins Vietnam to remove Agent Orange, the problem revealed in our documentary on dioxin and PCBs.

DuPont Columbia Broadcast Journalism Awards

"Will I grow up to be a normal man?"
"Will I grow up to be a normal man?"

"TV journalism's Pulitzer Prize" awarded for four of our docs:
For Export Only: Pesticides
For Export Only: Pharmaceuticals
Incident at Browns Ferry
A Plague on Our Children

National Emmy:

Awarded to Robert Richter and Sheila Nevins for "exceptional merit in non-fiction filmmaking" as Executive Producers of HBO's version of The Last Atomic Bomb.

National Emmy Finalist:
What Price Clean Air?
Who Shot Pres.dent Kennedy?

What's New

A new book by Robert Richter!

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Kathleen Sullivan, co-producer of
The Ultimate Wish, is leader of
key ICAN group, awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

Ending the Nuclear Age

Fukushima and Nagasaki survivors.
"very powerful...imperative viewing"
"...may this jewel of a film be seen
in every classroom and council chamber."
Apr. 9, 2013: NY Times: Safety
problems in all US nuclear power plants. – Nuclear Regulatory Commission ex-chair.

Leaving Home
Teenage girl's coming of age
in rural India–in western eyes
one step up from slavery.

"Indian Women Seeking Work
Confront Taboos and Threats"
Page 1, NY Times Jan. 31, 2016

The Money Lenders

IMF head: austerity doesn't work.
Our five country IMF/World Bank
probe. Too hot for PBS.
Prime time everywhere else.

Vietnam: An American Journey
My Lai Massacre
March 16, 52 years ago:
A woman survivor, unknown until our film, describes how she survived.

Thailand record floods. A major
factor: deforestation.
Documented in our
Can Tropical Rainforests be Saved?


The New Patriots
exposes the hypocrisy
of "the war on terrorism"

Dec. 22, 2010 NY Times, P. 1:
"African Farmers Displaced as
Investors Move In."
The latest global agribusiness
example of Hungry for Profit

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